Tampa -The Woodworking Show

Had a great time at the The Woodworking Show in Tampa. Took my dad to hear all the great lectures and maybe buy some stuff. He did both. I was supposed to turn but ended up just showing my work and talking to people, some were former students. Check out the show site on Facebook The Woodworking Show. I got a new steady rest by Carter, I’ll post a review after I use it a bit. I’m also putting together a new sharpening grinder for demo, pictures to come.


The Woodworking Shows Clockwise, starting in the top left corner: Bradley McCalister, Bill Dalton, Al Hockenberry, Ron Brown
Sunday at 10:55am · Like

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Fun This Weekend

This weekend is the Florida Woodturning Symposium. Should be fun have a great line up of turners for the crowd. I’ll try to post pictures and add some thoughts. Have a great weekend.  FWS rotation schedule

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Posting work and the holidays

Well Christmas is over and I can get back to a dull roar. Made many gifts and they seemed to be well accepted. Heading out this week to pick up some Black Walnut, should make some beautiful vessels and bowls. I posted some pictures under “Some of my Turnings” at the top of the page. Have a look and let me know what you think. Happy New Year!!

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Great Vacation

Just got back from a great vacation! Wife took me on a New England Cruise. We flew into Baltimore, MD the cruised to Portland and then Bar Harbor, ME, then St. John, NB and finally Halifax, NS. We had a great time. Rented a vehicle in Portland and went to Kennebunkport and walked around and in Halifax took a personal tour with David Currie from CanBird Tours of the Lighthouses in the area. If you get a chance these guys are great. I’ll post some pictures in a bit. Now back to work and woodturning.

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This is a platter I did during a class with Al Stirt. Great teacher.


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Personal problems

Does anyone know a sure fire fix for poison oak, ivy, etc. I’ve been to 3 doctors and my dad (MD) and I’m still having it spread. This is getting old and I’m getting tired of docs practicing on me. Ah, it itches. No more good deeds this year I’ve been punished enough. Happy Monday!

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More new Toys

I know it’s been awhile and I keep promising I’ll do better..ah, the human condition. Horse hockey. Anyway, added toy for the grinder. In my continuing pursuit of getting a quick and consistent edge on my turning tools I purchased the new jig from Don Geiger. Vertical Solution Pro Sharp 4X, sounds really impressive. It gives you the ability to not only sharpen your gouges, using the Oneway or Ellsworth jig (I think others will work also) but it give you the ability to put on consistent back bevels. This is used to lessen the lines that appear in bowls as you move from the sides to the bottom of the bowl. The lines are pressure lines the tool makes on the back of the cut. It is caused by the “sharp” edge created on the bottom or back of the tool when sharpened. I have used small block of wood to move the tool forward with sharpening to remove the sharp edge or done it by hand. This jig negates this plus gives you the ability to put multiple bevels and even a micro bevel is needed. It also makes the move from one wheel to the other much easier, with virtually no setup time. Do I like it? Yeah I think so. It does raise the tool up about 1 1/2 inches, just FYI, I don’t have a problem with that but if your grinder is already high, it might be an issue. How well is it made? You can damage it if you run over it with a D4 cat. You won’t need to buy another one. Do you have to have it? Well, I consider Don a friend, so..on a scale of 1 to 10, an 8. Will you use it if you buy it? Yes! It is no different than the arm, in use, that comes with the wolverine set. Below are some pictures.

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Set up WordPress on my cell to make it easier to post. And from my iPad. Life is amazing. This is a long way from using Genie for email.

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Grinding Wheels

I’m a tool hog, it’s a sickness and I’m hoping that except for cash flow, there is
no cure. I have been struggling with the grinding stones on my grinders for
some time now. I first purchased a slow speed grinder from WoodCraft when it
was on sale. I removed the wheels that came with it and installed an old
8″ wheel I had and a Norton 3X from CraftSupply. This worked fine for a
couple of years, but it was never as smooth as other grinders that I’ve worked
on. I then purchased the new Norton SG wheel, which is supposed to be the best.
Mine has not worked as well as I would have liked. I have spent hours trying to
get it balanced and smooth, no luck. I’ve imposed upon the good graces of Don
Geiger, to help me with the balancing and the outcome was better, but not what
I felt was acceptable. This was after buying a slow speed Delta (the good
single speed one) and putting my wheels on it. So currently I have the Delta
with a Norton SG 120 grit on the left and a Norton 3X 80 grit on the right. Ok
so this is what I have, so what is the problem. Vibration! When putting an edge
on my turning tools they bounce, not a lot but I can feel it. After talking
with a lot of people, spending hours researching my problem, and trying for
hours to make these stones smooth…I gave up and decided to go in another
direction. I bought the CBN 180 Grit wheel and installed it on my Delta
grinder, replacing the Norton SG 120 wheel. I was expecting a difference, I got
one. No more bounce, my tools are easier to get a smooth surface across the
whole face of the cutting edge. One thing I think is interesting is the
finished surface on the tool. If you look at the surface of the tool as it
comes off the Norton 3X 80 grit and compare it to the surface of the CBN 180
grit, there is very little difference visually. There is less burr with the CBN
wheel, but the grinding marks appear to be about the same. Is it worth the money?
For me, yes, so far, I withhold my final say until I’ve had it long enough to
confirm its durability.

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A new beginning

Today I have moved my blog to my local server so I can have more control and use my iPad to keep this updated. Woodturning and personal thoughts will be the main focus.

20110919-123043.jpg Taking a class from David Ellsworth in Lakeland, FL. Thanks David for a great class! Thanks Al and Sherry for a wonderful class setting and great food!

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